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ScHoolBoy Q Talks Fatherhood and the N Word

ScHoolBoy Q talked to BET recently in an article that has the Internet blowing up.  In the story, TDE rapper Schoolboy Q talks about his upcoming album – Oxymoron – and the fact that he dedicated it to his daughter. He also talks about why he wants white people to use the “n-word” even when the rest of society says it’s a bad thing. It’s a really great piece on one of the strongest members – besides Kendrick Lamar – in TDE.

Here’s a bit of the article from BET:

In hopes of landing a “No. 1 album,” the Los Angeles native plans on “doing all types of” promotion, including more videos with Joy and “free shows” for his legions of fans — some of whom he encouraged to use the n-word during an interview on the Pete Holmes Show recently. “I don’t want nobody to say it outside my show,” he clarified. “I’m not telling everybody to just say it, but if you’re at my concert and the lyric comes up, I’ve said the lyric, I know [white fans] bought my albums and supported me. Why not? That don’t mean they’re racists, obviously they’re not racist [if] they’re at my show. That racist thing is so old.”

If you’re a ScHoolBoy Q fan, you need to go check out the whole thing. It’ll be worth your time.

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  1. You are hands down my favorite rapper and i was stoked to see you be a part of Freshman class 2013!! Keep making good ass music and goin ham with Kendrick,AB,and Jay!! Im looking forward to OxyMoron

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